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You've been asking (and luckily my Saturday plans fell through so I finally carved out some time) to create for you a Quinn & Lane Facebook VIP Group! Woot Woot! "But Cat..." you ask. "What is this group for?".

Well I am so glad you asked...

This is a group on Facebook for Quinn & Lane's "Very Important Peeps" (that's you). Where you will be the first to know about special promotions, sales, discounts, sneak peeks and new product drops! You'll also get exclusive access to "VIPeep Only" perks! 

So as long as you are:
(1) a member of our group
(2) signed up for VIP Notifications via email ...

... you ARE one of my VIPeeps!
But don't forget to sign up for VIPeep Email Notifications too (it’s always good to have a backup source of notifications):

FYI: This group is not replacing the VIP Notifications. Whether you are signed up for the notifications OR have joined the new group, you ARE considered a ‘VIPeep’ and will get ALL the perks.

This new group just makes news a little bit easier for you to find, so you don’t miss anything (I’m talking about you: evil junk mail filters), and the group will allow you to post & participate in discussions AND it is a bit more fun because we can all interact together (it takes a village amiright?)

It also allows me to deliver news and special promos to you much quicker! I'm thinking more deal dashes and and better way for you to be notified about them so you don't keep missing out! Those darn deals sell out so FAST!

So come join me:
Can't wait to see you there!
💛 Cat =^..^=

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