Baby foot massage reflexology pressure points

Foot Reflexology is known to have very nurturing, therapeutic effects, even with adults. Because the ligaments and muscles in babies’ feet have yet to develop fully, they tend to be far more receptive to the gentle reflexology rubs.

FACT: reflexology has even been known to help with fertility! So if you’re trying for #1 (or #5) this is a great excuse to get your partner to rub your feet more often *wink*

Each area of the foot corresponds to different organs, muscles, and body parts — and by gently applying pressure to these areas, you can help relieve discomfort.

Have you tried reflexology on yourself or your baby? What has worked and what hasn’t? Feel free to share your tips! 

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  • Sara on

    I massage my baby’s feet after every feeding to help with colic. I feel like it makes a huge difference!

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