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I struggle to start writing Gracie's story because I know how L O N G it could end up being. There is just so much personality packed into this little being! So I'm going to try to keep it a reasonable length, but still pack in as much of that personality of his that I can into it!

Wait, you said "his". Gracie is a boy?

Yes. By mistake.

When we adopted Gracie from the Timmins & District Humane Society, we adopted Gracie along with another cat as a pair of females  (they weren't a bonded pair but they seemed to get along well enough). Neither was yet spayed so we booked them in for their spay surgery a month from when we adopted them and brought them home. We thoroughly fell in love with this little weirdo right away and our first month together was perfect and full of so many laughs. Fast forward to surgery day, we were on pins and needles waiting to hear from vet that all went well. The phone finally rang:

Me: Hello?
Vet: Hi Catherine. Gracie is out of surgery but I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that all went well and Gracie is recovering nicely.
Me: That's great. But what's the bad news?
Vet: Well, turns out that once we cut Gracie open, we couldn't actually complete the surgery.
Me: So she's still not spayed?
Vet: Umm, no. But HE at some point, had already been previously NEUTERED! Sorry about the mistake Catherine. Did you want to bring him back to the Humane Society and trade him for a female cat?

So there you have it. A boy cat with a girl's name. Oddly it seems to suit him and his personality perfectly. He's an odd one. He's pretty and he's quite dramatic.

He prefers to sleep in a mixing bowl instead of a bed. Don't worry, he has his own mixing bowl that we don't use for food. Not sure he'd lend it to us anyway. We periodically move his bowl around the house so he has a different view now and then. He pretty much only comes out to eat and for human snuggles.


He loves the sensation of "falling". He will purposely s l o w l y slink himself off of heights (chair, couch, even down the stairs) and slowly let himself fall. Needless to say he's had a couple dangerous close calls.


And he loves snuggle-fests with anyone, but mostly with Lane. Lane comes by his self-given title "King of Cats" honestly. However, Gracie can be just a bit "too much" and sometimes I catch Lane saying "enough Gracie, I need some personal space". Gracie really has not been very good at this social distancing thing during covid.

And there is so much more to this gorgeous BOY! And I promise I will share more. So keep your eye on my social media pages and I promise this isn't the last you will see of Gracie! I promise to give you some Gracie updates all month long in our Facebook VIPeep Group (be sure to join us)!

Quinn and lane cats

APRIL is Gracie's Sticker Month. All orders placed during the month of March & April will receive a FREE high-quality vinyl sticker, custom designed for us, to look just like him! I really hope you open your heart (and home) to him, and let him stick around (see what I did there?). Gracie is guaranteed to make you smile every time you see him and remember his story. I hope you love him just as much as I do 💛

Love is in the Details: Each sticker is made from high quality vinyl. It is weatherproof and fade resistant. It is removable and re-usable and does not leave any residue or damage. Perfect for vehicles, windows, strollers, bikes, device cases, laptops, etc. Stick it anywhere you lIke, for an instant smile, every time... guaranteed!

Share a pic of Gracie’s new home once he arrives (show us where you put him) and tag it #quinnandlanecats 

Note: You will get one sticker in the first order you place each month. I will be releasing only one cat per month until all 6 cats have been introduced. After all 6 cats have been introduced (by end of September 2021), random cats will then be sent out going forward (until discontinued). If you missed a certain cat during the initial release, I may be able to accommodate requests for specific cats depending on stock availability -- so feel free to include your request in the notes section of your order upon checkout and I will do my best to send you the kitty you want.

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