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So I was on the hunt this week for a change from my usual Orange/Vanilla essential oil blend for my car diffuser. Unfortunately, nice fruity scents are limited in the “essential” oil department. So I did some experimenting. 

Essential oils hanging diffuser

I went to The Body Shop in my local mall. They had a small selection of “fragrant” oils (more on the difference later). And I was pleased to find strawberry! Side note: they also has salted caramel and I’m kicking myself for not getting it too. Next time. 

I broke out a new hanging diffuser (actually that’s a lie, I sat down and crafted myself a new one, because... well... because I can) I and dropped a couple drops of the strawberry fragrant oil on it. Within the hour my car was a field of strawberries and I just wanted to go driving everywhere. Which bonus for me, I’m a mom (aka chauffeur) so that was pretty much the evenings’ plans anyway. Sound familiar?

So YES! You absolutely CAN use frangrant instead of essential oils in your Quinn & Lane diffusers. You can even mix the two (hello strawberry & mint) on the same diffuser!!!

Now, in case you want to know about the differences between the two...

The main difference between fragrant oils and essential oils is that fragrant oils are manufactured from natural and synthetic ingredients (this is what is used to scent your favorite candles and wax melts).  Essential oils are made 100% from natural materials. This difference comes from the ingredients that each oil is composed of, and where those ingredients are sourced from.

Difference between fragrant and essential oils

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