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Chess is the last of our 6 kitties to introduce. I saved him for last because he is our most recent adoption. We also got him from the Timmins & District Humane Society. He was born into care when his pregnant mom was found abandoned. Lane was the one to pick him out of the litter (he chose the smallest one) and named him Chess (because he is black & white). Chess is still a very small kitty, even full grown now at 2 years old... hence his nickname Baby Chess. Or Chessy. Or Chester.

He also has the LONGEST tail ever and sometimes he looks like a Lemur! 

We weren't sure how the other cats would take to a kitten. But clearly we had nothing to worry about. Especially our Big Boy Oscar, as you can see...he quickly stepped in as kitty mom (dad?) and taught Chess how to do kitty things. Like sleep and yawn. 

One thing we didn't expect was for Chess to become a COVID Kitty. Shortly after we got him, the whole world went into lockdown. Because of this, Chess went MONTHS without seeing anyone but the 4 of us humans and the 5 other cats.

When lockdown was lifted and we had a visitor for the first time, Chess was petrified that other humans existed! He didn't know, and clearly he thought we were the only ones!

He is slowly getting better at trusting strangers, but he still prefers to hide at first and scope them out from a distance (never coming up to them to actually meet them) ... but at least he's no longer hiding in the BATHTUB for hours when they visit! He will sometimes even catch a snooze comfortably when they are around! 

Chess has been a perfect (and final) addition to our family. I will admit though, I was not fond of going through the kitten stage. However, all the other cats seemed to take him under his wing and kept him busy despite his endless energy. He is certainly still spunky, but like a true cat, he sleeps now more than he plays. Oscar taught him well. Now, when I look back on photos like this, I really miss how tiny he was! đź’›

SEPTEMBEER is Chess's Sticker Month
. All orders placed during the month of September will receive a FREE high-quality vinyl sticker, custom designed for us, to look just like him! I really hope you open your heart (and home) to him, and let him stick around (see what I did there?). Chess is guaranteed to make you smile every time you see him and remember his story. I hope you love him just as much as I do 💛


Love is in the Details: Each sticker is made from high quality vinyl. It is weatherproof and fade resistant. It is removable and re-usable and does not leave any residue or damage. Perfect for vehicles, windows, strollers, bikes, device cases, laptops, etc. Stick it anywhere you like, for an instant smile, every time... guaranteed!

Share a pic of Chess’s new home once he arrives (show us where you put him) and tag it #quinnandlanecats 

Note: You will get one sticker in the first order you place each month. I will be releasing only one cat per month until all 6 cats have been introduced. After all 6 cats have been introduced (by end of September 2021), random cats will then be sent out going forward (until discontinued). If you missed a certain cat during the initial release, I may be able to accommodate requests for specific cats depending on stock availability -- so feel free to include your request in the notes section of your order upon checkout and I will do my best to send you the kitty you want.

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