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Quinn's Corner

Hi my name is Quinn, welcome to my Corner! Why a corner you ask? 

My mom literally gave me a corner in her studio to create. So here I am. I am 10 years old and people say I am creative like my mom. I think she is creative like ME. I'm always giving her design ideas. But she doesn't always use them. So I started making some fun things for me and my friends with my own ideas. It didn't take long before I was getting requests from more and more friends. But my mom said I couldn't keep making things and just giving them away for free... I needed to start paying for supplies. That's when she finally decided she liked my ideas enough to put them in her shop. She said if we did that, I could earn money to purchase more supplies and maybe a little bit extra to put into my savings account. Hello Robux!

Everything you see in Quinn's Corner is designed, and assembled by me. They are my own ideas come to life! My mom does help me with the finishing knots though, just to make sure they are extra tight, sealed and SAFE!

I am really busy with school and video games, so mostly I just create when I have the time or when my brother is watching a movie I don't like. So usually what you see here, is what I have available. So if you like it, you should probably buy it. I'm not being pushy. My mom said that was pushy. I'm just trying to be honest, because I don't know if I will feel like making that same one again. But sometimes I do take custom requests. When I have an opening, my mom will post it on her VIPeep Facebook Group. So make sure you join and keep an eye out there. 

I really hope you like (and buy) what you see! Be sure to check back often, you never know when I will add new creations.

A NOTE FROM MOM: Quinn designs & creates all his own products (finishing knots are tied and heat sealed by mom for safety). He pays for all his own supplies and also pays listing fees to sell his items on the Quinn & Lane website. He helps with the photography and listing creations, and manages his own spreadsheets for inventory and sales. Purchasing his items helps foster his entrepreneurial spirit and allows him to purchase more supplies to continue creating and buy more Robux.
Every item purchased from Quinn's Corner is beautifully, individually packaged (with care instructions) ready for gifting if you so choose. If you are purchasing a Quinn's Corner Creation as the only item in your order, it is eligible for the discounted shipping rate of $4 to Canada.


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