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While traditionally (originally) made for nursing moms, “nursing necklaces” really aren’t limited to those who breastfeed their babies.

Silicone teething nursing necklace

Basically they are for ANY mom who is tired of her hair being pulled (when was the last time you were able to wear your hair down while holding baby and not worry about it being pulled on?) AND those who are so over having their faces pinched. Yes... those little fingers are strong aren’t they? And you were worried about their fine motor skills. Silly mama. 

“Mom Necklaces” are awesome for baby-wearers. Keep those fingers busy and OFF you! But really, any mom who holds their baby often (aka: every mom on the planet) can benefit from one! 

Mom-fashion does not need to be dull & frumpy. You can be sassy too! 

Shop all Mom Necklacest here. You may even find one or two that DAD would be willing to wear while toting bubs around 😉 

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