$8 flat rate shipping on orders less than $55 to CAN & USA. Discounted rate of $4 to Canada if purchasing 2 items or less.


Are you looking to stock Quinn & Lane products in your online and/or brick & mortar shop?

For stockists located in the USA: all wholesale orders should go through my wholesale shop on the Tundra marketplace www.tundra.com/shop/quinn-lane . Low order total of only $50. There is no MOQ. Free shipping is available. 

CANADIAN stockists may order wholesale here. There is no MOQ and always FREE shipping. If you want to purchase wholesale directly from this site, please email me with your request to be added to the wholesale group. Note: you must have an active customer account set up on this site so I can add you to my wholesale group to qualify for the discounts. So if you have not set up a customer account yet, please do so before contacting me with your wholesale request.

Once you've been approved as a wholesale buyer, login to your account and add all the items you like to your cart, and once you order reaches a minimum total of $100 (before shipping) you can go ahead and use one of our Wholesale Coupon Codes upon checkout:

100WHOLE25 - 25% off orders $100+
300WHOLE30 - 30% off orders $300+
500WHOLE40 - 40% off orders $500+

Sorry we do not sell internationally at this time. 

We have no MSRP. You set your own pricing as you wish for resale.