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KIDS | Fidget Necklace | BOHO CHIC | I'm So Oval You - Army

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KIDS | Fidget Necklace | BOHO CHIC | I'm So Oval You - Army
KIDS | Fidget Necklace | BOHO CHIC | I'm So Oval You - Army

Check out the beautiful smooth, oval wood pieces on this design! 

Boho Chic
 Necklaces are Elegant, BOLD, Relaxed & Eclectic. This collection encourages your kiddo to express their individuality, while exploring many different textures, such as Silicone, Natural Wood and Cotton Crocheted Beads.

NOTE: While crochet beads are safe to chew, it is not recommended to allow determined chewers to use them for oral sensory play, as the cotton could unravel with aggressive pulling/chewing.

Lightweight and cool-kid approved, this the most comfortable & fun Fidget Necklace your kid will ever wear! Free from BPA & Phthalates. CCPSA & CPSC tested. SAFE TO CHEW!

Size: Kids necklaces measure approximately 20" long (perfect length for ages 3-10yrs) and have a safety breakaway clasp "just in case".

Easy to Clean: Spot clean with a damp cloth or a baby wipe. If a deeper cleaning is needed, feel free to gently hand wash in a bowl with warm water that is mildly soaped. Rinse thoroughly (twice) and  and hang to dry.

Every item purchased from Quinn & Lane is beautifully, individually packaged (with use & care instructions) ready for gifting if you so choose. This item is eligible for the discounted flat shipping rate of $4 to Canada (if you are purchasing 2 items or less).

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